Environmental Clean Lakes Boat Stickers

If you have been or plan to be a repeat visitor to the Twin Lakes Area, consider helping the lakes through your tax deductible donation or by purchasing our yearly Environmental Clean Lakes Boat Stickers.

Each of us has a responsibility to keep the lakes clean and free of debris. It is harmful, and illegal, to dump leaves or grass clippings into our lakes and other materials. Please use proper containers for all refuse. That one cup multiplied thousands of times creates a huge accumulation over the season. We all must work together to preserve and protect the lakes for the beauty and enjoyment they provide.

We are asking everyone enjoying the lakes to take part in this effort by purchasing a yearly Environmental Clean Lakes Boat Sticker. The stickers may be purchased at our office or you can send us your order with your completed license application. Also included with your purchase is a local business discount card. Please place one sticker to the left of your registration number on each side of your boat or personal watercraft.

The money from your purchase of an Environmental Clean Lakes Boat Sticker is used to fund each season’s clean up crew. The clean up crew, to the best of its ability, removes logs, large woody debris, and non-organic material such as tires and styrofoam items that find their way into the lakes and around piers and docks.

The recreational use of the lakes is also important to the financial well-being of White and Carroll Counties and the State of Indiana. The Twin Lakes area is the third largest revenue generator of tourist dollars in Indiana.