An Abnormal Low Flow (ALF) Event Watch has been issued for Lake Freeman, as the prior 24 daily average for flows at the Winamac USGS gauge dropped to 300 cubic feet per second (cfs) or below, or 600 cfs or below at the Oakdale USGS gauge.

As of July 17, the 24 hour daily average at the Winamac USGS gauge is 298 cfs and the 24 hour daily average at the Oakdale USGS gauge is 573 cfs.

The surface elevation taken near the face of the Oakdale Hydroelectric Dam was measured at 610.33 below the normal operating target of 610.35ft. The change in surface elevation measured at the hydro does not reflect or equate to the same potential change in depth for other areas of the lake. Surface elevation is the relative measurement to sea level, local datum. A change of .01 ft in the surface elevation equates to 1/100th of a foot or .12 inches.  NIPSCO does not measure average depths.  Lake levels have not been impacted at this time, but this could be a possibility so please be aware.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers, remind the public to be mindful of their surroundings and be aware of any submerged objects in or underneath the surface of the water.  Due to the water levels objects such as tree stumps, old dock pilings and such may start to show or become a hazard to boat operators, swimmers, and tubers.